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Meeting Reminder: December 27th 2004

Ok it's time for everyone to panic! Christmas is tomorrow! And our last meeting of the year is Monday!

Just kidding, To one and all I hope that you have a good holiday season and that you have a good time. And I hope that Santa brings you a lot of goodies your way ;-)

Also as another attempt to have RoAnime take over the world we now have our own LiveJournal community check it out here....

This is the last week for Trouble Chocolate, we'll see what takes its place in the new year.

Also this week we begin Azumanga Daioh!

7:00 - Trouble Chocolate - Episode 20 (Dub)
7:25 - Chobits - Episode 4 (Dub)
7:50 - Secrets of the Cruelian Sand - Episode 16 (FSub)
8:15 - Battle Programmer Shirshe - Episode 12 (FSub)
8:35 - Sailor Moon Live Action - Episode 26 (FSub)
9:00 - Last Exhile - Episode 15 (Sub)
9:25 - Azumanga Daioh - Episode 1 (Sub)

Again everyone have a safe and happy Christmas season.

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