toymoose (toymoose) wrote in roanime,

Meeting Reminder & Christmas Party - December 18th 2007

Ho! ho! ho! Well its time for that jolly fat man to come to town again.

Next week we'll be having a RoAnime Christmas party, and as per request we will be doing a Dirty Santa gift exchange.

We'll do this just before the Fansubs begin, and depending on the time we'll drop Spiral, and maybe Capt Taylor.

Also with the following two weeks being Christmas & New Years Day, we will not be meeting so that people can spend time with family and friends

Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone there!.

Dirty Santa Rules:
1. No gift greater than $10
2. Everyone who brings a gift will get a number
3. Starting with Number 1, they will select a gift and open it.
4. Number 2, and all after them, can either 'steal' an opened gift, or select a remaining one from the pile.
- No gift can be stolen more than 2 times
- For the person who had their gift 'stolen' they can select a new gift from the table or steal another item
5. We will go through the entire series of numbers
6. Once the last person has gone Person #1 will be given a final chance to steal a gift.
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